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Re: 2yo DD Touching Lady Parts. .

Originally Posted by 4boys1girlforme View Post
I'm sorry mama but your well thought out logic won't be appreciated in this thread.
I was asking a serious question. I am actually very interested in other people's views when it comes to religioun. I also like discussion, hence why I participate in a discussion forum. Thanks though.

Originally Posted by SaraElise View Post
Not all beliefs are 100% based on direct quotes from scripture. I was brought up in a faith that taught it was a sin. Still am that faith, still hold those things to be true (though what other people chose to believe or do is none of my business) I have no shame, I have no intimacy problems, I'm not sure why other people think it's so shocking and harmful since that has been the completely opposite of my experience. Based on my conversations with other young adults and adults of the same faith, I'm not an anomaly either.
I was just curious, not meaning to be rude or ask questions that are out of line or anything. I just find religioun interesting since there are more than one, and people in them think different things, so it always makes me curious when discussions like this arise.
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