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Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post think about this when he's older...if he doesn't like a fellow co-worker, is it going to be okay for him to quit work?

I'm thinking that as a family you need to do some sit down and getting to the root of it. E may be the fall back to (like you said).

having dh's experience of hating school and being forced into it is probably not helping either. DH may not come out flat and say it, but his body language and other actions are probably showing to ds.

sorry you are having to go through this

Those were my thoughts exactly. At first I was telling him that we don't always like people in out class, or anywhere. I have tried telling him to ignore E, or tell E to leave him alone, etc.

But on the other hand, I don't see why he should be forced to go when he still had another year before "real" school. I really don't like the running-out-the-door-while-kid-is-screaming thing. I think it directly shows kids that we don't really care how they feel or what they think. I guess it would be different if it was mandatory though.
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