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Re: 2yo DD Touching Lady Parts. .

Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
FWIW, I am not the one who turned this into a religious debate. And the fact that you had to lash out at the original poster was completely unnecessary.

I never said anything that I didn't believe or that was twisted. And the fact that you wouldn't have joined the conversation because of what I believe, is ridiculous.

I'm sorry mama, but your well thought out rude nature is not appreciated here.
Am I confused- aren't you the OP? Are you referring to yourself in the third person?

From the shift your posting has taken throughout this thread- it doesn't sound to me like you were originally conflicted in how you wanted to parent in this specific circumstance- I think this was an inflammatory trolling thread...

What you refer to as rude= truthful. The good thing is that I don't need you to appreciate me
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