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Re: 2yo DD Touching Lady Parts. .

Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
I don't think it is a falsity in the design. When a girl gets her period, It makes her more aware of her body, it causes her to mature and have to take care of herself.

If you look back at biblical times, actually women married much earlier than they do in modern days. 11-13, these were normal ages to have a husband.

I have to say that I am sorry because me talking about mockery against what I believe, Within that I have mocked the fact that you don't. So, honestly, I hope that you can forgive me for that. I just find it so hard to understand when people don't acknowledge the goodness of our Creator. Because he has been an amazing part of my life personally. I hope and pray that anyone who doesn't know him or feel him will be able to experience the same love that I have for him.

I am sure there are situations in all of our lives that have caused us to believe what we believe, and what we don't. But honestly we have to chalk it up to our past and the way that we were raised. What we've put on ourselves, and what others have put on us.

And I do agree, standing up for what you believe in, and mockery are not the same. But especially when you are reading things that are in text, and not face-to-face, Things can get really distorted.
I don't need or want an all-powerful deity in my life who allows horrible things to happen to his creations. I don't believe there is a god, but in all honesty, even if I had proof there were, I would not praise him (or her) or find him worthy of mention.

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
From the way you post was written it did not much seem like a question, more like a jab. We were discussing something that is within human control, not a natural bodily function.

I am pretty certain more than one pp explained much better than I can why we believe what we do about the topic, I don't feel the need to repeat it. You may look at my post history, I have no problem explaining, but I won't continue a conversation that goes in circles, it seems pointless.
Well, it was a question. It makes as much sense as the other to me. They are both natural, normal events tied to hormones.

Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
I think comes down to a heart issue. If you feel convicted about masturbating then that's your issue. If you feel convicted about having a glass of alcohol then that's your issue some people can do it some people cannot it just depends on where it takes you in your mind. If you feel that by doing something you're not honoring God and that is your own conviction. We are individuals with different convictions.

Don't judge me because I sin differently then you do.

It's your personal relationship with God. You have to answer to him at the end of the day, not me.
Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
The bolded is something I don't get. Don't your children also have a personal relationship with God? If you're personally not comfy with masturbating, but they are, isn't it up to them and God and really not your business to tell them it's wrong or a sin?
This is what I was going to ask. How can you impose your personal convictions (those things you must be called to believe because they aren't spelled out) on your kids?

Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
Well this whole post was about my daughter, she's two. I think at her age the understanding of what is a sin and what is not is not even existent. I think she understands the moral concept of being good or being bad. But at this stage it's not about sexuality, it's about curiosity.

As a parent when my kids get older, I can't tell them to masturbate or not. I can share with them what my beliefs are, and if they choose to be reverent to what I believe, then fine. But I think there comes an age of accountability when God intervenes and convicts them if they're doing something that's dishonoring to Him.

But like I said it's different for everyone. What is a struggle for you might not be a struggle for me. But things like this, alcohol, smoking… These are all gray areas. This is where it comes down to living by the Spirit. And it really depends on where you are in your walk with God.

Take a teenage boy for example. It's natural for him once he hits puberty, to have elevated hormones and be horny. Of course in the midst of all that he's doing whatever feels good. But say that as he gets older he has to look at ****ography in order to be able to get aroused to masturbate. Eventually he's going to come to a point where he's going to know that it's wrong. It's not the action in itself, it's where your mind goes while doing it. The Bible says that a man that even looks upon a woman with lust, Has already committed adultery with her in his heart. So say this boy comes to the knowledge of what God thinks is right and wrong. If masturbation leads him to think about other women, He presumably would stop doing it so he could remain pure for the sake of his relationship with God in the sake of his relationship with his future wife.

I hope that makes sense.
I think it is pretty misleading to start a post on this topic, say you feel chastised because people disagree with your approach that tells your child ladies do not masturbate, get riled up and insist you only want your kids to touch their privates in private and you AGREE with all of the people who "attacked" you, and then finally change your entire story and come out with religious guns blazing about masturbation being a sin.

Originally Posted by 4boys1girlforme View Post
Well this thread has taken a wide turn from what was presented in the OP- even after the backpeddling edit.

Originally Posted by 4boys1girlforme View Post
I suppose not necessary but entirely truthful. I would not have participated in this thread if I had known what your "real" beliefs were and the path that would be taken.
Me, neither.
Many things to many people.

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