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Re: 2yo DD Touching Lady Parts. .

Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
I am just curious as to the normalcy of this. She doesn't when she gets tired. And has been doing it since she was about 1 1/2. I told her no, and say that is something that ladies don't do. And of course her being two, she throws a bug fat fit.

I just need some direction as far as what has worked for other people, and maybe what to say? Or do for that matter.

EDIT: I tell her ladies don't do that in public, it's a private thing. I just wanted advice. Not "shame on you" for wondering what to do.
Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
I agree that ladies and gentlemen both do it! But ladies don't do it in front of everyone. I wasn't trying to shame the act, I have told her to do it in private. But she continues to do so in certain situations. Obviously I'm not perfect, which is why I even asked the question and brought the topic up. I was asking for help, not condemnation I know that it is perfectly natural, God created those areas as a gift to enjoy. I just wanted some advice as far as how to teach what is right and what is wrong. Thanks everyone.
Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
Honestly, I did feel it. But I suppose I have to blame myself, for not properly articulating my first and original post, It's hard to do that sometimes when you have two little ones running around! But nonetheless a question is a question. I would never force something on my child, unless it honestly put them in danger. I never meant for this thread to start arguments, but I think it's good to know what truly is healthy when it comes to little ones doing things like this. I as well am so thankful that if my first post truly was meant to be what was said, That all of these women to stand up for the sake of a young child, whether it is their own or not. But sadly, in some cases you can take the horse to the water but you can't make it drink. Not talking about the children, but the mothers. So I guess the ending outcome is that everyone would learn a lesson from this thread entirely.
This is how you originally mentioned the issue.
Many things to many people.

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