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Re: The baby dropped!!!!

LOL, mine have dropped too, but I think they're too heavy not to. Luteal phase is the time between ovulation and your period.
I've always heard that with subsequent pregnancies they may not drop at all, it has more to do with where they are to being with and what shape your pelvis is in and what size they are, KWIM? I'd mention it at your next appointment, but I wouldn't bother calling.
If you're still concerned about her dates, I would bring it up again at your next appointment and DEMAND that they hear you out. That's what you pay them for. I'm not sure (without charting or anything else pointing to earlier conception) that they'd move your date, though. The only reason I got my EDD right was because I was charting - and they changed it because I knew.
Hmmm...maybe if your last cycle was really long it would work right, LOL. If your luteal phase is super short a lot of the time it won't support carrying a fertilized egg to your period, KWIM? That's always what I heard anyway.
Ohh, my pelvis has been killing me for months, LOL, I totally feel for you. Is she breech, or vertex?
I can't say that's what them dropping felt like, but my ribs felt a lot better without heads in them. I do have SEVERE bladder and urethra pain at night if I lay down "wrong" and they're in the "right" position, LOL. I think if it keeps going I'll be at risk for an infection, so I'll hope that they move.
Anyway, I wouldn't be concerned (although I'd mention it at your next appointment) unless you're feeling any other labor symptoms.
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