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Oh my goodness this thread went crazy didn't it? Op do not even worry anymore what everyone else says cause A. You never asked for any religious input or anything along those lines. B. she's 2 she's an innocent child & what she's doing she has no clue.. I mean she's not being sexual she's 2 she don't know how to be. Mine is doing it to ecspecially at night. She will either grow out of it or not if she doesn't we will handle it then my mom even said I did it some & she made a deal of it taking me to dr & things & I got worse & felt like I couldn't talk to her & as I grew older I didn't so you know your little girl is just that YOUR little girl don't let anyone tell you your bad your against God or whatever else some o the posters are saying. You handle it how you see fit. Your so not alone I'm with you there ill be glad to pm with you so no more flames cause this is nonsense. I don't see how any of this makes you bad at all. & guess what no matter how much they want to say about religion or whatever it won't involve them in the end it will be between you & god I doubt he will take time to ask one of these posters if because you didn't make your baby feel bad by punishing her for this whether to let you through those golden gates! YOUR A GREAT MOM don't be told otherwise. Ok sorry for the rant it upsets me cause your child is 2 not 22. She has no idea.& children are angels made by god. Idk just don't understand. Anyways feel free to pm sometime I may not check back this thread I get to ill but on your side op
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