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Originally Posted by Kätzchen

It's fine, I am easily crushed by re-opening a nasty emotional wound. I felt like a failure even providing tube fed milk. I have a hard time with the loss of such a beautiful relationship with my oldest. I am currently nursing my second on demand at 18m and I cherish every moment. I remember the shun I felt in the LLL group, even with my daughter being "breastfed". It hurts, but it's no reason to take your hurt out on others. I was incredibly jealous of people nursing, it used to break my heart.
I'm sorry you had such a hard time with your daughter, but your previous posts essentially do the shunning you felt from the LLL group. Women who went to formula after facing adversity while breast feeding are made to feel like they just couldn't cut it, and decided to give their child something disgusting because they chose to quit bfing. I don't want any parent to feel like they are providing "sub par" care for their child, when they're doing what is best for their family.
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