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Originally Posted by Marbie View Post

I cleaned the kids' room and threw out or donated about 50 items. They still have so much, but I can already tell they're playing more with the toys that they kept. My son also surprised me by giving me 3 books to give away! (And these were ones I had chosen to keep, actually.) Good for him.

Also broke down 7 cardboard boxes that I've been saving for whatever reason and put them in the recycling.

I also did I quick sweep through my diapers and have a bunch to sell. But I'll add those in once they're actually gone!

Total for 1/28: 60

Grand running total: 489
Today I did a deep clean of the bathroom and tossed out 13 items. Not huge, but the majority of my time was spent scrubbing, not purging.

Total for 1/31: 13

Grand running total: 502!
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