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Help with Indoor Allergies.

My DS has had seasonal allergies for the past 2 years about. He is almost 4. It's bad enough that he gets spring and fall allergies (it seems to be when mold and pollen are high here)... but this year he's been suffering with what seem to be indoor allergies, too. Argh. I have them as well... ever since I HAD him. It's so strange.

Anyway, I've read all up on dust mites and such, and now I am wondering what real people do to help their kids' indoor allergies. We live in a carpeted apartment now but will be moving into a house likely in a year or so, and fully intend on having hardwood floors. I've read about steam cleaning carpets to help. Washing bedding on hot... what else? I'll take any advice! It's so rough seeing him suffer with itchy eyes and stuffy nose each day.
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