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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by Treasures From Elf View Post
Whether you intend to be judgmental or not, it comes that way to someone who truly truly tried their hardest and has guilt as a result.

I went to hell and back to nurse my daughter. It still grieves me to this day. Then I hear about how great breast is and how breast is the only option, or donor milk, and then feel like even more of a failure.

The person who said they felt guilt over only being able to tube feed their child, think about how much more guilt those of us who tried so hard to breastfeed and couldn't feel, and then to hear how much evil formula is, just compounds it. It strikes a very, very sore nerve.

This is my last baby, my husband got the big V, there are no more babies for me to nurse. I want to cry every time I think about nursing at all.

Just something to think about. There truly is a living, breathing person on the other end of things, on both sides of the equation.

And with that, I'm out.

I do want to apologize to those of you whose feelings I hurt. It truly is a sore subject for me, but I shouldn't have made anyone feel bad about their choices either. I'm sorry.
I think you summed it up perfectly. This is such an emotionally charged subject for so many of us. Sometimes the things people say on this forum can be so hurtful because they reinforce what we are thinking and feeling about ourselves. Or at least this is true in my case.
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