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Re: Any advice?

Is his therapist experienced in adoption and attachment issues? and possible exposure issues?

Gosh, I have been thinking about this since you posted. Here is what I have finally come down to. Personally, I would try to make it as small a deal as possible. You are expecting it to be a really big deal, and it may be. But, I think the whole idea of what is now suggested as best for the kids for them to just always have known the facts of their life from when they were very small is so that there never is a "big telling". I think it usually happens in a practical manner when the child says something which they reasonably assume about being in your tummy before they were born and then you correct them. At least that's how it first came up for my dd when she was 3. Then as they get older each time it comes up again you answer their questions and so the story is gradually built up as they get old enough to handle each part of it and they think about it some more. That's the part you have missed, the just always knowing as long as he can remember part. Is there some way you can mention this brand new information to him in a similarly not a big deal way when it comes up? Oh, you weren't in my tummy sweetheart, you were in your birth mommy's tummy. Her name is X. No, we didn't mean for it to be a secret; it just hasn't come up before. She couldn't take care of you. etc. Since he is older now there will be more questions and thinking on his part now, say all the ones he would have gone through between 3 yrs old and 7 yrs old but not yet the ones he will get to when he is older. You just need to get him caught up that much.
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