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DD1 came home from the NICU on a schedule. She had to eat no more than every 4 hours, even at night. She slept at consistent times as well. It was so stressful for feeding because I felt like I didn't know her cues because we relied on the schedule. I would be a nervous wreck if she didn't eat well at a feeding and wasted a lot of pumped milk giving her a bottle whenever she fussed because I didn't know if she was hungry.

DD2 I fed/slept on demand. While I wouldn't say it was 'easier' per se, because a newborn is always lots of work with too little sleep, I felt I had a much better idea of what she wanted. I knew the difference between tired and hungry, and was able to comfort her more easily. Some of that is due to experience from the first, but it was much less stressful for us that way
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