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Re: thyroid problems & infertility?

I have hashimoto's (autoimmune disorder that my body attacks my thyroid) and I have had 5 early miscarriages. This is likely partially due to my thyroid levels getting very low in the first trimester before the placenta takes over. The reason it can effect fertility is because if your levels are high or low it could cause you to not ovulate as your body is trying to cope with the imbalance. As long as your medication levels are correct it generally doesn't cause much issue with ovulation. I am currently on my 2nd pregnancy and am currently 29 weeks. My first was generally uncomplicated and so far same for this one with the thyroid. I do have blood work done every 4 weeks to check my levels and make adjustments as needed but it is very manageable. If you have to have your thyroid removed it is not the end of the world. Taking levothyroxine while pregnant is completely fine. Just make sure you go to a Dr that is experienced in dealing with thyroid issues in pregnancy and knows how to handle getting your labs done.
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