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Re: Moms of scheduled newborns

Our LOs were scheduled from birth because they were not quite mature enough to wake & request feedings according to hunger signals. For their safety & maintaining proper growth (as per our pedis recommendation) we continued a feeding schedule for their first 6 weeks. After that they led the show & we became very successful at anticipating their needs before they were stressed enough to have to bawl.

We set an alarm to go off every 3 hours for our twins around the clock for the first week, then we were instructed to decrease feedings to every 4 hours at night but continue feedings every 3 hours throughout the day for the next week. The 3rd week we set the alarm & fed them no less than once every 4 hours day & night & continued this routine for about 2-3 weeks. After that we were able to primarily go off our LOs cues as long as they were waking on their own for feedings - which was no longer a problem as they began wanting to be fed about every 3 hours. We kept a journal of feeding times, formula amounts, minutes of breast feedings, times of wet &/or dirty diapers for their first 3 months. We only needed to keep the journal for the first 6 weeks, but when you're exhausted & have twins it's easy to forget who did what to the extent that I feared I may not immediately notice a negative trend beginning with one of them. So, for my piece of mind we kept the journal for the first 3 months.

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