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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Welcome cpendergraff!

Yay Heather for the WANTing to read. Not so good about the name calling though. I am dealing with that with my boys. The older two have been calling Cody a slew of names which I will refrain from posting due to his speech. Well after his evaluation was completed and we were told he is at or above his age level, both DH and I got on their case about what they've been saying. There are still some slip ups but it's getting better.

mysweetseven~that is great that he was willing to talk with you. I can't think of any formal grammar program that does not utilize some form of workbook. You could just build it in to every day life...correcting mistakes as you see them. Another option: check out utilizes some videos to introduce grammar topics, not sure if that is something that would interest you.

AFU, I miss having a hs group. We used to go to a weekly co-op but stopped last year due to issues my oldest was having. Even after repeated intervention with the parents of the 'bully', nothing changed so we stopped attending. We don't need to put out $$$ we don't really have for that type of behavior. We do belong to a field trip group now that tries to meet twice a month. Unfortunately the next few trips we are unable to attend ($$ issues). But hopefully as the weather gets warmer we'll be able to make some park days.

Our lessons seem to be slacking again and I do not want to get into this rut again. At least we made it A LOT further than last year when it started. It was Oct. last school year when things started slipping. I'd say Jan. is an improvement there.
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