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Re: Before Baby gets here

Originally Posted by newmom98118 View Post
Yep, just nurse as soon as possible after baby is born and any time little one wants to suckle. Lots of skin to skin contact is great. Lounge in bed with baby all day if you can!
Do pay very close attention to how baby is attached (called a 'latch') to save your nipples and to make sure little one is getting as much as possible. Don't'll do great.
Ditto all of this, especially the bolded. I allowed LO to suckle as much as she wanted but ignored a poor latch. My baby didn't gain anything for 16 days and my nipples got badly damaged. If nursing is hurting then you probably have a bad latch.

You might know all of that already and if so I apologize I just want to save anyone else from making the same mistake I did.
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