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Re: Swagbucks Challenge Thread -- February

Originally Posted by acwakip View Post
I posted to the old threat, totally forgot about it being a new month!

What are your personal goals for the month?

I am hoping to get 21 day stretch.

After I cash out my 5 $5 AGC this month, I will have enough SBs for next month's as well. I am sitting at 4027 now after having cashed in for 2. I am saving my gift cards for a DSLR camera.

I wasn't planning on trying for goal today but I qualified for a survey and after watching some videos, I am sitting at 93. So not far. 100 for a Friday seems fairly reasonable. We haven't been seeing many super high days (120-130).
I want to get every day this month... but my "financial" goals are the 5 $5 and a $25 for amazon. One $5 down!

Originally Posted by BabyKakes View Post
I'm shooting for 21 days this month. I'm skipping Amazon gift cards until April and just cashing out for paypal. I'm saving $$ to buy DH a bike for his bday.

It's a slow morning for me. I dq'd all the surveys this morning and the poll videos, although they are playing now are not crediting I'm runnning sbtv mobile and hoping surveys pick up later today.
Poll videos didn't credit for me. And SBTV mobile is making me x out every single video.

Phew, just made goal! After nearly 2 1/2 hours. Thank you to DD for sleeping in this morning.
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