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Re: Need to get rid of so much

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
It is totally overwhelming. As for where to start, how about that closet full of outgrown clothes? It sounds like it just needs to be bagged and donated, not gone through. Do any of your local charities do pickup? If you get that done, then you have a place to keep putting bags of stuff to donate as you go through the rest of the house. I like the PP suggestion of a room per month, that is a realistic goal.

Not to threadjack, but shellyluwho I was in your same sitch 3 years ago but with 3 kids. When I staged the house, I put an extra mattress under the twin beds as a makeshift trundle so it looked like we had half as many beds. But what I wound up doing is having all three kids sleep in our king bed every night so I would only have one bed to make in the morning.
That is a great idea with the twin mattress! I am going to do that. The funny thing is my four year old never sleeps in his own bed, anyway. He is either in bed with my 8 yo or in bed with DH and me. He is small for his age so we almost don't notice him most nights So one mattress for my two youngest will be fine.

To the OP, you and I will make it through this, I know it! Just take it one day at a time.
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