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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

I have had to induce my milk supply with both of my kids, and my first was formula fed when he refused to nurse, lots of issues there but regardless, I was better educated the second time. Second baby only ever had human milk - from me and 7 donors, exclusively breastfed using a supplementer at the breast, tons of herbs and glacatagogues, and we were able to eventually do it with just my milk, no supplemental milk, and he self weaned at age 2.5 - it wasn't easy, but it was totally worth it.

I dealt with the guilt of formula feeding, the cost, and even the extra effort to make my own (I do believe that the commercial stuff is downright dangerous, even having used it for my own baby). So yeah, it burns me a bit when women who could otherwise nurse their babies with ease decide to not do it at all. I am not mad at them, personally, but I am a bit peeved that society makes it out to be okay, and an equal alternative to breastmilk. It's not! Sure, some people say "my formula fed kid is my healthier kid" but the long-term issue with formula use takes decades, even generations, to come to full light. The work of Dr. Weston Price touches on this, and we ARE seeing the effects of poor nutrition. That being said, breastmilk from a malnourished (as in, improperly nourished) mother is not much better. Better than the corn syrup and sugar of commercial formula, but still not the ideal way to grow a baby.

In short, society needs to start pushing more REAL food - for babies and mamas alike - or this downward spiral of obesity and degeneration will continue at a rapidly accelerating pace.
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