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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Oh my goodness Heather that's awesome about Zach's breakthrough!!! I'm so excited for you!!! And thanks for the advice about doing reading seperately... it's good advice and I'm trying to utilize it. It's a bit frustrating because it takes up more time and patience (which I don't have much to begin with) but I bet it will be good for us. I did reading with them seperately this morning.

As for us--Yesterday did not go at all the way we planned. We were going to the bank to get our house refinanced, and the loan officier (we know him personally) pointed out that my husband's driver's license was expired. By 7 months. So he had to retake his written and driving test, and we had to drive an hour away to be able to get it done yesterday. And then we spent a good bit of time waiting at the DMV...all in all it just felt like a huge waste of time, but I'm glad it's all done and even happier that there's not a huge fine for letting you license expire.

Today we did do school and it went super! We had everything finished by 10:30 this morning.
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