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All items for sale I am very open to reasonable offers. ISO paypal only and anything from HOD DITHOR manuel for level 4/5 and readers sets for level 3, 4,5. Prices do incude shipping.

SAXON 6/5 Math. I have the Teacher Answer Key book, the Textbook, Saxon Teacher Computer DVD Set. The books are used, we bought them new for this year, my son used them so they are a bit rough around the edges, but they aren't marked up or torn or anything. The Dvd's are in excellent condition.
The books Retail Value is about $53 together on sale and the DVDs are $90 retail value. I will ask $80 ppd for everything together. I will split the DVDs from the books if needed.

Misc. Workbooks for sale. They all have some amount of work done in them. Great for extra summer practice??!?!

2 Preschool Books: KUMON Telling Time: (RV $7)actually is brand new, just has my son's name written on the front. Alphabet and Numbers (RV $15) big workbook has only 3 pages written in it. I will split, or $10 PPD for both.

Grade 1 Workbooks:
McGraw Hill Grammar: Pgs 1-25 are gone, 26-192 are clean and unused with the exception of ONE page.
McGraw Hill Reading: has a lot of work done in it, maybe 1/4th still workable practice sheets?
Phonics Made Easy Word Searches: halfway worked through
Rebecca Sitton's Spelling and Word Skills: halfway worked through
Saxon Math 1 Workbook 2 has lessons 108-30 left
Math Basics workbook: has 3 pages written on..the rest clean
Abeka Artithmetic 1 workbook: a little less than 1/3 completed. Huge book
$15 PPD? for all

Summer Link Workbook bridging 3rd-4th grade (RV $15) only 4 pages written on. $10 ppd?

Apologia Zoology 1 : Flying Creatures set. I have available:

Textbook, like new condition (we only made it to lesson 3)!
1 Notebooking Journals (like above, my children did the work up through lesson 3, after that, like new).
2 Junior Notebooking Journals (same as above)
Lesson Plans list purchased at (new)

All of this would Retail for about $80. I am asking $50 ppd for all of it together. We barely used it.. Just a rough year, didn't make it very far and I'm switching curriculum gears for next year.
see more details below in the thread.

PS. YOu can download all the notebooking pages free on their website, so you could easily redo the pages we have done in the first 3 lessons.

Core Knowledge Series: I have 3rd and 4th grade in hardback. $10 ppd ea. All others sold.

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