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Tell me about your family cloth situation.

5yo DS asked me yesterday if he could use cloth wipes like his little sister. I said "sure!" and wet a few for him. He threw them in the diaper pail after. Our pail isn't in the bathroom though, so I want to hear how you do family cloth. DH is not on board with family cloth. It irks him too much. I'd be fine with it and obviously DS wants to try it. Do you just keep a wet bag and a stack of wipes? Are your wipes pre-moistened? We wet wipes for DD as we go because I'm always afraid of them getting mildewy since she doesn't poop often and I just use one wipe at pee changes. But I imagine wipes in the bathroom would get used more often. We use a single layer of serged cotton flannel for DD, what is best for adults and kids?

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