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Re: Question about treating headlice... again!

After battle upon battle upon battle....I got tired of the treatments and started doing the nit comb twice a day on everyones heads. After 3-4 days it was just once a day. 3-4 days it was down to every other day. That is the most effective way I have found. We did everything under the sun short of shaving heads. We washed everything that could be washed, bagged what couldnt, treated the vehicle, soaked the combs/brushes in bleach after every use, did the old wives tales,I spent 6 hours one day of straight nit picking every single strand of all 6 of our heads, OTC treatments, treated once a week, treated every day.........and still had bugs/nits. Now you get the nit comb every 3-4 showers regardless as a precaution. I am catching them before they spread now.
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