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Re: How much does my 24 month old understand- Update and new question

Originally Posted by Bentley'sMomma View Post
So what is a reasonable consequence for hitting?
My DS (25 mos) has been in the phase of saying "hit" with a smile and raising his hand. The vast majority of the time it really seem alike he's just wanting a physical outlet for his pent up energy. After all, he's 2. Sometimes I grab a pillow and let him get it out. Sometimes i let him high 5 me over and over to see if it helps. We'll jump, then land on the floor with his hands, or drum the floor with his hands. All sorts of things are available to diffuse the energy in a playful way that takes the attention off "hitting" and redirects into another activity.
His hitting has very rarely been done out of anger, and when it has we try to talk to him or at leads give him the word that describes what he's feeling. I'm convinced it will pay off in the long run as I try to teach him how to regulate his emotions and how to let off steam appropriately. I'm also realistic and understand that not much works immediately and effectively. Striking back might put an immediate stop to the behavior, but doubtful that the deeper lesson will be taught.
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