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Re: Question about treating headlice... again!

Originally Posted by Kimmyann View Post
Make sure you are vacumeing out the cars too as well as washing any backpacks ect they are carrying. If they aren't cleaning and bagging things at mom's they aren't going to get rid of them and they will continue to bring them over to your home.
I have cleansed and bagged and vacuumed and stopped short of burning down the house and car to make sure I got them all. I've done this now 3 times in 3 weeks. I did read a lot too and most accounts say that the environmental treatment is less important that treating the actual problem on the heads because lice cannot survive for more than 24 hours without blood. But I wanted to be sure.

The house has never been this clean! The bonus was that I purged a lot too! Ha-ha. I was actually thinking of joining the 2013 things in 2013 thread.

Originally Posted by Kason's mommy View Post
After battle upon battle upon battle....I got tired of the treatments and started doing the nit comb twice a day on everyones heads. After 3-4 days it was just once a day. 3-4 days it was down to every other day. That is the most effective way I have found. We did everything under the sun short of shaving heads. We washed everything that could be washed, bagged what couldnt, treated the vehicle, soaked the combs/brushes in bleach after every use, did the old wives tales,I spent 6 hours one day of straight nit picking every single strand of all 6 of our heads, OTC treatments, treated once a week, treated every day.........and still had bugs/nits. Now you get the nit comb every 3-4 showers regardless as a precaution. I am catching them before they spread now.
I comb my DDs hair every 1/3 day too. It is such a hassle with her. The worst is that her hair is so fine that I have seen nits and small insects stay behind. So, when I comb her hair, I also inspect each small strand and take the insects and nits out by hand! If I don't, they just stay behind. I tried 5 different combs with the same results. It is enough to make me scream.

I really don't know how to handle the X wife's reluctance to comb out her daughters hair. On the one hand, I don't blame her; she works a heavy job and is a single mom. On the other hand, I wonder why the 14 year old brother can't comb his sister's hair and she (11) comb his. I actually suggested they do so.

I was thinking of letting the two of them read literature that say:
1) long hair hanging loose over shoulders is more likely to get lice - they both have long hair.
2) Combing is important or going through the hair often to pick nits.

I mean, they are old enough to take the reigns here and I can show them how.
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