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Re: Help with Indoor Allergies.

Originally Posted by megshmeg View Post
Thanks for such a thorough reply! Do you rent a steam cleaner or own one?

We do have a vacuum with a HEPA filter, not sure if that helps at all, but it is "supposed" to help allergies. I will make sure we get the allergy covers for our pillows and mattresses.

Unfortunately we are renting now and have so much carpet. Do you wash curtains very regularly as well? We don't have pets. Let's see... I do wipe down our showers and baths with mold/mildew cleaner. I use a candle a few nights a week so maybe I should quit with that. Our detergent is just homemade and I don't use any fabric softener or extra scented stuff there.

I use Murphy's oil soap with water, and a microfiber cloth, to dust. Our surfaces tend to get cluttered and then I sometimes don't get dusting done once a week... I need to be more diligent.

This was really helpful to point out a lot of things I can do a bit better and be a bit more proactive. Thanks.
We own a pretty basic steam cleaner. Nothing special about it. I usually use Rockin' green in it (don't like it on my clothes, but love it for the steam cleaner). It doesn't have a strong smell. Most of the regular cleaners aren't too strong, but I have the Rockin Green I bought for diapers and discovered I don't really like it on my diapers. We do have dogs -including a massive long haired one, you would not believe the stuff she tracks in- so that requires a bit more work from us. We ended up getting a curio cabinet and getting rid of a lot of clutter. I would keep putting off the dusting because of all the junk I had to go around. Getting the cabinet and getting a lot of stuff off the surfaces made me more willing to dust more frequently. And in all honesty when it was just me I didn't worry about it so much, but with dd now allergic too I make a much better effort to get it done. DD will even help so she can earn money. I also do it first thing in the morning because the later I waited the less likely it is to get done. I hate cleaning.

I don't wash my curtains often, but we only have curtains in my bedroom and the living room. I do use the vacuum on them every now and then- not too often. The kids have blinds in there room and dd's have wooden shutters (came with the house and I love them). We live secluded so we don't need curtains. Really concentrating you energy on the soft surfaces that your body touches is the best. Couches, chairs, carpets, beds. And the hard surfaces in which allows it to fly off. But concentrating on the couches, chairs, carpets and beds should get you pretty good results. If you don't get to the dusting it won't matter as much as those soft surfaces.

Oh empty your vacuum outside if you don't already. That is harder in an apartment, but if you empty it into the garbage in the house a lot of the gunk is is being released back into the house.
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