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Re: I finally have a kid that looks like me lol

Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
Fun! I have the same dynamic. My boys are all mish moshes of us and don't even really look like eachother. But dd....just like me.

she is so cute!

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
None of my kids look like me. DH must have very strong genes. I was so happy to see that LO#4 had dark hair like mine that it was the very first thing I said to her "look you grew that dark hair just for me so that people will know your mine" and wouldn't you know I was giving her a bath around 5mo and she had dry scalp. I was coming EVOO through her hair and it all fell out I was sitting in the tub naked with a greasy baby balling my eyes out.

Originally Posted by danner View Post
My daughter looks a little like all of the women in her line. My son is the spitting image of his paternal grandfather. They did both get my nose, which is a cute nose, so that makes me happy for them. My daughter suffers from some of my personality traits though, which means I suffer too...
I hope my DD does not have some of my traits! She definitely looks like her daddy though!
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