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Re: If you could afford any "trophy" diaper...

Originally Posted by babymakes3.4.5.... View Post
(Trophy meaning something probably out of your price range that you would probably not even use all that often because you loved it so much)

...what would you get?

I would get a Holden's Landing diaper! I'm not all that much for embroidery type diapers but those are gorgeous!
OH.. sorry to go OT.. but I have this Holden Landings fitted.. it's girly, it has an extra doubler with it. Side snapping. It's big, but I have no idea what size it is. It's looks pretty new. I never used it, I bought it on here used I think for like 25 or so.. I don't remember even it was a while back. How much do they go for? It looks like it's been used a handful of times. Any advice?
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