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Re: January 2013 Chat Thread

Sounds like everyone has a lot going on, process wise! I understand wanting to know every little detail in how things are progressing so it's not a surprise, but yet wanting to NOT know to avoid some of the roller coaster effect. It's a tough ride for sure. Having your family give the I-told-you-so attitude certainly doesn't help...hard to remember that it's an emotional ride for our extended families too, and it's one they didn't even sign up for.

I--does BM know when she's actually due? Why does "in the next 2 or 3 months" matter? Do they think she could have her act together enough by then? I wonder if grandma can pass a background check. Did she even know about J from the beginning? That's a long time not to come forward if she did, wonder what the judge would think of that. I understand how the cribs and carseats are a big deal emotionally--we had our first DFD 15 months then we were told she was coming back and I ran out and bought these two highchairs for her and DD (lost both our old highchairs in the weeks before this) and then DFD did not come back and we've never seen her again. Somehow, seeing both those new highchairs together still upsets me, especially when one is empty.

Dalynn, that is so sad that the mom's wishes just don't count. And that the aunt doesn't choose to respect mom's wishes. But sad for the family at the same time to lose what they must feel is the last bit of the mom left.
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