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Re: Basically it's Friday!

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Eh, it is normal for him to do that at his age. It will pass.

Yay for real internet. Mine just went out, boo. Sadly, I think the router may have died, because I can see my neighbors networks but not mine, even after rebooting it. Ugh.
Oh I's just so annoying. I think he gets away with more than his sisters did at the same age because I'm running out of fight. It's just anything for a peaceful life...or more like pick your battles, yk. He goes to bed nicely and sleeps through every night. He brushes his teeth and says please and thank you. He'll ask after you if you're unwell and always runs to say hi and gives a kiss and a hug as soon as he gets home. He's not so bad...but a monster when it comes to meals. Oh well. You cant have it all, can you.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
Hi all! Let the weekend commence!!

I am home from work. Report cards are handed in for editing by admin. Ru redid one of my boards today and took down some old writing work. I will put up new stuff soon. She is out getting us donuts at the moment to celebrate. E is at TKD camp. We are going to pick him up around 4.

WFD here? Takeout. Since it's Friday. Yippee!

What takeout?
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