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Re: How many bottles?

DS is 13 months old. We rotate 2 sippies. i'm pretty minimalist, i don't like having too much stuff. The most I ever had was like 6 glass bottles when he was tiny. We used Born Free glass bottles.

My requirement for formula was always organic. So I used Parent's Choice Organic, which is pretty much the same stuff as Earth's Best but half price. I didn't use Similac Organic because of the really high sugar content and I didn't use Baby's Only because of the organic brown rice syrup issue. Then, I switched to the homemade formula recipe by the Weston A Price Foundation when I learned about it and after reading it. It does meet the FDA nutritional requirements for infant formula and actually had almost identical nutritional values as the PC Organic I was using before. I just liked using fresh ingredients and knowing for sure that there was nothing GM.
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