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Re: January 2013 Chat Thread

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
thanks for the support ladies. no one gets it. my husband talked me down a little, i'm feeling much better. trying to stay zen about it. i have no choice in the matter, everything happens for a reason, we are doing a good thing for the family and for J now even if he leaves our job will have been done. its not about ME!

the SW is very careful to NEVER use an absolute statement. its always maybe, possibly, could be etc. which of course is as it is in foster care. i told her i want to be in the loop but i think it is hard to not know. it would be harsh to just get a call that he was going to get picked up out of the blue too though. she said that grandma is just pursuing the license not that she has been approved but actually that she may not be approved. she also said "as of today as i write this email we have no plans to move the children" but that kind of means like well tomorrow we could give you a call and pick him up and thats that. it happened with our last placement she was gone in an hour.

she has previously said that grandmas home is not an option and now she is allowing her to pursue a license. so something must have changed. i know they are super lenient with family. i don't know what to think. i fought so hard to develop a bond with this kiddo. i've made plans in my head for what our family will look like this summer and next year...dangerous business.

dalynn i really can't imagine how you must feel being supportive of this aunt! you are a better person than me thats for sure. i am selfish, i want to keep J even if i know that he would be better with his family, if its safe with grandma which is a big if. i would feel much better about them going back to his mom. dad is a violent criminal and i worry about what happens when he gets out of jail, i'm assuming he's going to go back to his moms house.

i'm so glad caleb is doing well with GF/CF diet! when i was doing autism therapy one of my parents did GF/CF with her kiddo and everyone thought she was loony toons and now we are hearing so much about the benefits! she was just ahead of her time i guess! that is a really tough age anyway, to have to deal with additional issues must be very challenging. you have my utmost respect!
This almost made me lol. That statement pretty much defines our roller coaster ride in the foster care world. My husband talks me down....sometimes daily. Ah, so nice to know people who "get it".
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