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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of January 7th

Originally Posted by Kotzurk View Post
Ok.....I went back to the RE today to pick up some meds and my usual doc was there and wanted to scan me since he wasn't the one who did it the other day. They are now even more concerned with baby A. Baby B looks great and is right on target with a hb of 162. Baby A has actually gotten a little smaller than the other day, and although he/she has a hb now, it is only 90. They aren't super optimistic. We'll see what next weeks u/s holds but basically they told me not to hold my breath for baby A. Not sure what to feel right now....
Praying for baby A. Let's see what time does to the little guy...

AFM: doc called... all tests are normal, YAY!!!

She said my hcg was negative already. She didn't give me a number. I asked, so there was nothing? She said, "umm, I guess not?" I'm assuming they are going at the clinical diagnosis of not pregnant of less than 5. I tested very faint positive on a Egens, which I know has a sensitivity of 10 miu. The First Response never showed a line, which is 15 miu, so last Saturday, I would have been between 10 and 15. Thinking out loud here: By Sunday, it was negative again, so less than 10. HcG has a half life of 12 hours in the first 48 hours, and then 1.3 days for the next 14 days. So lets assume it started dropping Saturday. Saturday to Sunday would have been 5-6.5. Sunday to Monday would have been 2.5-3. Monday to Wednesday would have been .5-1. So by Thursday, could it read at 0? Certainly that would come back as a negative test, though, right?

Basically, I'm asking, am I a freak of nature and I made a baby all up in my head. She sent me for a Rhogam, my LP was 5 days longer than it usually is, and I was puking for goodness sake. It's possible my hcg dropped already, right?
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