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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by Heather8183 View Post
This thread (trainwreck) makes me think about a lunch playdate my son and his friends had at <gasp> McDonalds. The kids were in the play area-the other 3 took their socks off and carried them in their MOUTHS pretending they were dogs. I was so proud of my son for not doing it, smiling to myself, while the other mom's were all like "OMG!" I turn and look at my three year old to see her chewing gum, which I hadn't given her. She had gotten it from under the table!!!

Really, ladies, while you're standing there judging other women for bottle/formula feeding, make sure you know where your kids are and what they're doing

I'll never understand why people have to be so doggone nasty about the way other people feed their kids and how they raise them. As long as they're fed, loved, and cared for, that's all that should matter, right?
Well said!
Some of the superiority complex comments on here make me sick.
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