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I have a 2007 Prius, and radians fit marvelously well in them with an angle adjuster. But maybe the peg would, too.

We faced a similar decision, as we had a radian and needed to replace our older gen (35 lb RFing limit) britax for DS in DH's car bc DS hit 35 lbs at two -- we opted for the cheaper Complete air 65 over getting another radian. We ended up having to flip him in DH's car at just three, bc he outgrew the CA by height (40" overall limit that safety first is firm on; he also hit 40 lbs shortly thereafter). It means occasional whining rants about how he much prefers sitting in DHs car. That said, I love the CA FFing, and can't say the same for the radian.

If you *love* the peg, I'd probably spring the extra $150 and get another. However, if you can find another, 40lb limit seat that you like almost as much, it just depends how you think you'll handle possibly having fights about RFing/FFing before you're ready to full-time ff. I don't regret getting DS the ca, despite the fights, because I really like it FFing.
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