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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

I BF DS till he was 6 months. I'm still Bfing DD at 18 months.

I personally can understand why someone would choose not to BF. With DS, I worked full time (I went back when he was 4 weeks old because I NEEDED the $ to support him.) I had to pump at lunch in a public restroom while customers went poop in the next stall. I was not given extra time or breaks to pump. I has to use a manual (later I got a battery operated) pump as the bathroom had no access to a plug. It was awful. I did it for 5 months (till he was 6 months old). It was not pleasant.

With DD, she has a high palet. I've had nipple pain since day one. Sheilds don't help. I've basically have been in pain at every feeding for a year and 1/2. She gagged and choked on bottles so I felt I had no choice. She also had reflux and spit up more when she was given formula. She can drink from a sippy cup but refuses cow's milk, formula, and most liquids. I can't wean her till she takes enough fluids by other means.

Breastfeeding is not always a beautiful bonding experience that it is for some. I love my kids and I will probably BF my next one. But I don't judge others for not wanting to BF.

I do JUDGE other moms that are super judgemental. We should be supporting each other even if we don't always agree with the other mom's parenting choices.
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