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Originally Posted by isabelsmummy
I don't know if I did what you are talking about but this is what it was -
For the first however many weeks it took to get bf well established I just fed every time time they squeaked.

Then I followed a loose babywise/baby whisperer type routine. Do some readings about awake times because I really found that key. At say a month the routine would be wake up, eat, 'awake time' and then back to sleep. If you really watch for the sleepy cues you'll be putting them down after the same amount of time awake (including eating time) in each cycle.

DD2 and I loved this. It was so fabulous. I didn't schedule by the clock, but eventually I did know roughly what time things would happen. Sometimes she would sleep longer than others during the day but regardless, when she woke up I'd feed and start the cycle over.

With dd1 I did the 'feed on demand' thing but I found that I was mixing up sleep cries and feed cries and I know in retrospect that I was often feeding an overtired baby who really wanted to go to sleep but was so tired all she could do was cry (which I thought meant feed me!). So for me, the routine was great. Not every family needs one.

eTA - DH did NOT understand the routine at all. My 5yr old was always coming to me telling me that daddy was trying to feed the baby but it was sleep time!
This is more what I was referring to. As in, after the first week or two when bf'ing is established, then have the baby wake up, eat, play, then sleep at the same intervals/times each day, and put baby down awake so they fall asleep independently each time, and keep up the same schedule as they get older (of course altering based on age) so that they are independent sleepers and set time eaters.

I'm interested in doing this for my nb otw bc I'm still having a horrible time with my 21 mo old. She still nurses on demand, barely eats 1-2 meals a day, nurses to sleep, and wakes at night for nursing. It's exhausting to say the least. And I get that this only happens once and they need mommy, etc, but I've practically had a nb for 21 months.

My dd followed a basic feeding schedule I'm the beginning..she sort of set her own each day varying from 2-4 hours each day. She slept thru the night on her own for a few weeks at 2-3 months old, then only a handful of times since then. She had a strict bedtime/routine of 7 pm for several months, but continued to wake at night. So I really want another method for the next baby.
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