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Originally Posted by Kiliki
I have 3 kids and never scheduled any of them, they just all came with their own schedule.

It was typically something like this - every 2-3 hours nurse, then play, then sleep, repeat.

I actually don't understand the purpose of scheduling a newborn. They already have their own natural rhythm/schedule and it's pretty easy to follow once you figure it out.

I am not being at all sarcastic.

Is that what you mean by "scheduling" ?

ETA: I'm sorry, I have to apologize b/c even with the "not being sarcastic" it still DOES read that way, doesn't it? I truly wasn't trying to be. I am actually genuinely curious about the reasons for scheduling a newborn. Please no one be offended.
No offense taken I'm referring to somewhat strict set timings for a newborn, not only a pattern or routine.
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