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Originally Posted by Dory
My older two look like me, my son especially. He doesn't look a thing like my husband. But the baby looks like him! Even the eye color. I finally got my blue eyed baby! My husband insists that the baby looks like me too, but I joke that if he had a beard and goatee, he'd look just like him.
4 of us as babies (me then my daughter on top, then my 3 year old son and the baby on bottom) at close to the same age. The older two now have brown eyes. Sigh.

It's funny. She looks so much like me, and the baby looks so much like my husband. But the baby really favors his sister when she was a baby.

Me and my oldest clone ons her birthday. It was bedtime after a long day, excuse the hair! And the art someone did on my wall. . .
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