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Re: If you could afford any "trophy" diaper...

Years ago I had some really HTF Goodmamas and extremely expensive woolies. Honestly even if someone offered me that kind of stuff for free at this point I wouldn't take it. Too high maintenance and seriously diapers are for poo and I am a much happier mama not handwashing $80 baby pants. I am truly much more relaxed caring for my baby when they are in plain cotton diapers, easy to replace OS covers and a pair of cute $5 pants. :-)

I want to make it clear, I totally appreciate the love and time that goes into the handmade items (I was once a diaper making WAHM) but at least in my life those fancy items are not very practical. I sometimes miss all the pretties, but this one area I am very glad that having a bunch of boys has changed me ;-)

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