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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

Originally Posted by gigismomma View Post
While I agree with you that we all make medical choices for our kids, these aren't fair analogies. Refusing to vaccinate is more than a personal decision, it also affects children/society as a whole. Antibiotics, cutting out dairy, etc have consequences that stay within your "bubble" for lack of a better word. Those decisions do not affect the heath risk of others.

Imagine there is a family with a newborn sitting next to you in the waiting room while you are waiting for the ped to see your sick child. I don't think they would care if your child had a recurring ear infection that you were refusing to give antibiotics for. But if your child is sick with undiagnosed pertussis, that is a different risk altogether. Suddenly the health risk goes beyond how YOUR child is affected.....and you are putting a vulnerable newborn at risk (too young to be vaccinated). We all have the freedom to choose, but you have to remember that doctor's are trying to protect ALL of their patients.
A vaccinated child can spread diseases just as easily (and sometimes more easily) than an unvaccinated child. Vaccines, even if given to 100% of the population, do not protect everyone. It is not my responsibility as a parent to protect everyone else's child, it is my responsibility to make the best healthcare decisions I can for MY child(ren) and that includes NOT vaccinating them when the vaccines would cause them physical harm. I don't take my children out in public when they are sick, not even to the ped's office. Why expose them to all kinds of other things when their immune systems are already working hard?

But, that's not the point - the point is that doctors offices can refuse to see patients if they don't adhere to office policies, but refusing to follow a doctor's advice does not mean that a parent is abusive, neglectful, or putting their child and every other child on the planet at risk. Sometimes doctors and parents disagree, sometimes doctors are wrong, and sometimes parents are wrong. The long, drawn-out refusal forms that have come into play recently are ridiculous and dangerous, IMO. Have you read one?
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