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Re: Moms of scheduled newborns

We are a scheduling family as are most of our closest friends.
We are a Babywise family, in so much as its the framework we follow and adjust to fit our needs and our baby.
There are several threads on DS I have posted to over the years about scheduling. We begin by 3 days of life for daytime routine, very loose and flexible. By 2 weeks we are grooving more scheduled and predictable.
I have scheduled all of mine, as have 6 of my friends, totaling nearly 40 children between us. All of them have taken similarly to the schedule and done similarly well on it. I've met lots of parents who can't handle a schedule, but no children .
In a nutshell (as I'm running out for a birthday party... feel free to PM me), I begin with the first nursing of the morning. Full meal. Keep your baby awake an appropriate amount of time until sleep cues (many babies show these in similar time intervals... more by PM if you'd like), lay down immediately for nap as that is when they are most receptive to self soothing and self sleep. Wake up 3 hours from beginning of previous nursing. Keep awake after eating, nap, repeat. We don't schedule at night and never will. If the daytime works, the nighttime takes care of itself usually.
In general what I have noticed is Families with unscheduled children are far more flexible in their ability to be out and about and have children who can catch catnaps in strollers and cars, etc... They often work for sleep, rocking, singing, babywearing, etc... Naps are given up earlier, uninterrupted nighttime sleep happens much later.
Scheduled families have deep sleepers who are happy to go to nap and to bed, and nap longer, with early STTN that often lasts longterm. However, we are "nap nazis", with children who prefer to be sleeping in their beds daily at similar times. We are off the radar in the afternoon and often tied more to the rhythm of our children's sleep. These are generalizations and what I have personally experienced and learned from working with families.
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