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Re: Moms of scheduled newborns

We do more of a structured routine....not a stressfully strict schedule. A few books i like are The Baby Whisperer and Happiest Baby on the Block. Routine has worked very well for all my kids and I also put my daycare babies on a routine.

Here is what my 10 week old is doing and he is my fourth child.

Wakes about 730 and I do wake him after a certain point if he doesnt on his own
Nap from 9 to 11
Nap from 1 to 3
Nap from 5 to 6
we cluster feed in the evening and tank him up for the night
He is down by 830ish and sleeps till about 4am. sometimes will do one dream feed around 10pm (basically i feed him without waking him)
so he is doing 11 hours at night and only waking once and he is exclusively breast fed and in the 95% for height and weight so its not like i am starving him

all my kids were sleeping 12 hours thru the night from about 5 to 8 months old and yes, i breast fed all! I also delay solids so its not like they were filling up with solids.

my kids sleep on their own in their own beds during the day. the newborn co sleeps at night if he needs to. I am a nap nazi. my kids nap faithfully at home every day and it is a sacrifice for our family. they dont sleep well anywhere else but thats fine with me because they do wonderfully at home in bed. we dont run them all over town at all hours. that works for some people, not for us. we also do scheduled meal times. i dont let me kids snack all day, carry a cup around or anything else. food is at the table with the family. we can take all four out to eat with no issues (they are under 6 years old).

I personally dont understand why people frown on routine oriented families. my kids are well adjusted and well behaved and a big part of that is the daily routine, daily rest, and good full meals. i know we are annoying to others because of the nap thing but i dont care about that. there is no way i would trade my nap rules for a kid that only naps randomly in the car and is still up all night at 1 and 2 years old.

i am not saying that other ways cant work. i just dont understand why more people dont try routines if they are complaining about their current method. it is hard work though and dedication.

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