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Re: Vegan and Vegetarian mamas enter here...

Hi, all I was vegetarian in my teens, but quickly reverted back meat when I went to college/got married. Fast forward 20+ years (O.O) and I've recently gone vegan. I had some health problems in 2012. I had never had any serious health issues other than a few minor stomach issues. But last year my stomach went CRAZY. Finally, the pain was so bad that I sought medical attention. That was HUGE for me as we don't fax, don't have a ped, and don't have a primary care physician other than our chiro. I found an MD that was conservative and open to holistic tx (yeah..they really exist ). After a few non-invasive tests, we found that I had gallstones. Well, he wanted to do surgery (of course...smh), but I decided to seek out the advice of my naturopath instead. She & I talked about it, and then I talked w/my chiro about it, and then I chatted w/God about it. Bottom line....decided that going vegan and doing a liver/gallbladder cleanse was my best option. So that is what I did. I just finished the cleanse, and I haven't had any animal products (other than honey...yeah...gotta keep that LOL...but hey, I buy from a local guy and it's not all I'm good w/it ) since mid-January. I have to say, I feel the best I have felt in quite some time. My body is responding to this dietary change in a great way. I haven't lost any weight, and I could stand to lose some. But my overall health and the way I feel is greatly improved so I will take it!! I actually feel good enough to start some kind of exercise too And that is awesome! I had been doing a LOT of running, but my knees are DONE (so says 2 orthodpedists & my chiro & my crunchin' knees...le sigh...). So I think I'm gonna pick up my yoga again, which I love! And I found a place near me that offers anti-gravity yoga which takes some of the pressure off of bad joints! woot!!

oh....and I don't make/force my family to go vegan. DS2 is crazy picky, and DH is hard core carnivore DS1 is adventurous and likes trying the vegan dish, and DS3 is right there w/dad LOLOL. but, I do throw out new recipes and such for them on ocassion to see what they think. I made chewy vegan granola bars tonite and DS1 says,"Mom, I think you finally hooked me! These are GREAT!".

can't wait to keep checkin' in and maybe sharing some ideas/recipes/etc!
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