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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

I know only one mama who chose not to breastfeed(the rest usually quit early but did try) ahead of time for no medical reason. She lived to regret it. She told me so herself.
Stand her kids side by side no you could not tell by looking which ones were breastfed. Compare health issues and food issues and you could see a night and day difference between her breastfed children and her bottle fed child.

No I do not think ff is in any way close to being comparable to breastmilk(obviously in the absence of harmful drugs). If it were you can just bet the formula companies wouldn't hesitate to use it in advertising. I do realize breastfeeding regardless of nutritional superiority is not an option for everyone. I am also aware donor milk is not readily available. In those cases formula is the best that is available. For those who for no reason other than they do not wish to breastfeed I do feel are not giving what is best for their babies. What other people feed their kids though doesn't bother me. I don't have the time or energy to really care. I also think despite my beliefs of breastmilks superiority to formula(in the absence of drugs obviously) there are much worse things people can do to their children than to choose formula just because.

My 2 cents worth. I am absolutely possitively certain I have offended someone. As far as I can tell many are looking for a reason to be offended.

Some people think I am endangering my child by choosing to co sleep. It is okay they have their own opinions and beliefs. It is okay they do not agree with me. They are entitled to have their own beliefs. Even if they believe I am not doing what they feel is best for my child.

It is totally okay if someone thinks I shouldn't extended breastfeed that is their right to think that. Why get offended because someone doesn't agree wih your decisions or even thinks they are wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs no matter how wrong you may think it is.

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