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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by shortcake2386 View Post
I don't care how others feed their babies. As long as they are fed....and not watered down formula that's just wrong. None of my four cousins breasted their (total) six kids. There are two more on the way and they will be ff too. My cousins were formula fed too so it's normal in their books. It doesn't change my love for them at all. And their kids are healthy and smart.
Fwiw I also have a friend who was taught to be ashamed of her body and was blamed by her mom when a relative miles red her at eight years old. She couldn't bf. but she pumped for a year for each of her two kids. But I'm pretty sure she is the most awesome person for achieving that.

I have always considered pumping and feeding to be breastfeeding. True the milk took a detour before getting to baby but the milk is still breastmilk. Am I wrong on this?
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