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Re: Moms of scheduled newborns

I did the ferber method of self soothing at 6 months. So glad I did. Right from when she was little I started a bedtime routine and would lay her down when she was tired but not asleep. She took a soother the first 6 months and slept great. Then she wouldn't take it and started crying. I'd let her cry for 5 mins, go in and sooth her and then let her cry 5 mins more. She rarely cried more than 10 mins. Now that she's a year I'll let her cry longer but I hardly ever need too. Even at nap time she'll cry for 2 mins and then sleep. Almost every night she doesn't cry at all. She used to wake up to nurse at 4am until 10 or 11 months and then dropped it on her own. I also use a white noise machine when she sleeps.
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