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And for those that pump and pump and still cant do exclusive breastmilk? Where do we fall in the failure department? How sub par is OUR mothering? I started pumping with dd every 2hrs! She would be asleep and I would be up pumping. I did this for weeks and weeks and did not ever get enough to only give her breastmilk. I took dom, moms milk special blend, golacta. I rented a hospital grade pump. Drank water, ate oatmeal. What then? Sorry but giving donor milk without boiling it was not the way I wanted to go. And I didnt feel comfortable heating all the nutrients out of the milk to give to my child. I know other people who have been congratulated for being able to exclusively pump. I pumped for both of my kids and I felt good about what I did bc it was WORK. But I didnt make enough breastmilk to sustain them. Is it bc I didnt try hard enough? Really? Every two hrs? Thats not enough? Pumping pink milk bc my nipples were bleeding from the combo of bad latch and getting used to a pump? I mean, when do you get the winning mom card?

And this is kind of the problem in judging others. The lines are rarely black and white. Drugs have been mentioned several times. Illegal drugs is a black and white issue and goes without saying. But when you start deciding who did good enough for YOUR standards you run into trouble bc, unless you know every single aspect of a person's life, are you really capable to make a judgement? These issues (breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping) are often very gray and women shouldnt stand in a line picking and choosing who is a success and who is a total failure........ Or maybe you should, but understand two things: its not the loving thing to do and it does not build other women up. It tears them down. If you can feel good about those two things, then keep waggin that finger.
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