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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by GreyMum View Post
I have to wonder what all the EBF moms feed their kids after they wean. I mean this EBF business is sooo important to many moms, and then their kids wind up eating processed junk for the rest of their lives. How many moms who ebf'd their kids now feed them hot dogs, pop tarts, food dyes, fruit that gets sucked out of a plastic pouch and canned soup, lol! Judge not, y'all! Someone mentioned that some formulas have GMOs. Uhm, hello (and I realize that poster is from Europe and her country may have higher food standards), but good luck maintaining a GMO free diet in the US. Not gonna happen.

So, yeah, I used to get all stirred up about this topic, but no longer. Cheers!
I'm always careful about what my daughter and the rest of us eat. And even if someone were to fed their child poorly later on in life, doesn't mean that they should also not breastfeed. I feel bad for mothers who don't want to try to breastfeed because of misconceptions or old wives tales. It's different when they have a valid reason like they have to work, or have school or health issues. But thinking it's gross or that it has to hurt or that formula is just as good makes me sad and a little frustrated. Or the mom in my hospital room that gave formula because her "milk hadn't come in yet". But most moms I know breastfed or at least tried hard to. I think there's a lot more awareness now about the benefits, at least in Ontario.
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